I heard a dobsonfly buzz, then I died

On the stairs, going to the second floor of Maverick Writers Studios, here at VSC, we encountered this:

It was nearly four inches long.  Turns out it’s a female Dobson fly.  Here’s the male version:

According to this helpful website, “the male, despite his formidable mandibles, is quite harmless. The female, whose mandibles are more functional, might nip if provoked, [but] she too is harmless.”  A kind artist with a big can rescued the critter and set her loose outside.  Where she is assisting in the demolition of asphalt.

And waiting.



6 thoughts on “I heard a dobsonfly buzz, then I died”

  1. Ok this is like discovering pygmy tarsiers living in Iowa. Like finding out you don’t have to head south to see penguins. It’s like…its like finding a weta on your porch. I am both in awe of the dobsonfly, and jealous that you saw one. I’m applying for artists retreats all along the Eastern seaboard, today.

    1. We found the larva crawling around our preschool playground today here in central Massachusetts and it was enormous. It is what sent us on a google search. One of our teachers took a picture of it next to a child’s shoe. It was nearly the same size.

  2. I’ve had a female chilling on my porch all day today – let me tell you it’s abit startling to wake up at 3AM walk outside and notice one of these just a foot and a half above your head.

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