What is publishing?

This summer, I posted some musings about what constitutes publication in this day and age. For further (and, to my mind, more interesting) ideas about what publishing is and could be, check out this project (and watch the video!).

Thanks to my brother for sending this link my way.


1 thought on “What is publishing?”

  1. Indeed! If any of your readers are interested in print – this is THE premier blog towards promoting it on most levels: http://www.bangback.com/. In this case, the medium is not the message. Er… AND if any of your readers are ever in the Pacific NW, holler. We have tons of print goodness all around us in most every form and price point. Question: can high-art print folks, naive-art print folks and mass-produced corporate print folks unite to diminish the perceived prevalence of non-print media in today’s everything? A print army? Nay, a…prarmy? Discuss. -=A=-

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